Automatic doors

At my school, just about every entrance/exit door has an automatic opening button.  Normally when I come to a door with a button as such, I just open it as normal, but most of the doors at my school are quite heavy due to the fact they have these big motors attached to the top of them, so on occasion I will use the button and have the door opened for me like I am someone important.

There is one door however, that made me look like a fool today.  Most of the doors are fairly fast at opening, and the door in question has, in the past, opened quickly for me, not today though.  Last week I remember seeing someone working on the motor for the automatic function and he must have changed something because when I went to use it today, I looked like an idiot standing, for what seemed a good five seconds, in-front of this door, just waiting for it to open.  I’m glad there was no one around because I can only imagine what people would have thought “What a lazy jerk, he could have easily opened it himself, instead he needs to waste energy to have it opened for him.”

That could have happened, or it could have escaped any witness as just something in their day, like it did for me.


One Response to Automatic doors

  1. Terri says:

    You are a fool.

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