UEFA Pokal

Those of you who know me well, will know that my first love is soccer, and my mistress is a team called Werder Bremen, from the German city of Bremen, of course! I lived in Bremen for three months when I was 16 years old while on an exchange program, and fell in love with the team, mainly because it was the popular thing to do, but also because they were a decent team. They weren’t, and aren’t the best team in Germany by any means, but at least they’ve finished in a respectable position for the last couple of seasons, however this season is not the same story. Werder have been sub-par in the league, but oddly enough they have performed above average in the German Cup (Deutsche Pokal, a commercial that I star in available here) and in the UEFA Cup (the second tier European Club Championship).

Werder have, beyond all likelihood, made the final of both tournaments, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only have we made the final of both tournaments, but we did so at the expense of our biggest rivals, Hamburger SV. I wasn’t able to watch all of the game today, but nevertheless I got the result and that’s all that matters! The final of the UEFA Cup is on May 20th in Istanbul. Obviously I will not be traveling to watch the game, but I will be watching it here, so for anyone that wants to watch an overly enthusiastic fan either celebrate beyond belief or cry, inconsolably, into his beer, let me know.

Here are a few pictures from today’s win to show you the sort of passion I feel.







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