All you need is love

I was watching a show earlier, and one of the stories featured was about a 15 year-old that never wanted to fall in love.  His belief is that love makes us do stupid things and changes the basic way that we act.  “It’s like a drug” he said, just because your friend is doing it doesn’t mean you need to try it too.

I thought that was a pretty good analogy of love, it is a drug, however once you have a taste, you’re hooked.  It doesn’t always come in great doses and sometimes it doesn’t even need to be the real thing to get you high.  Highs can last any length of time and that’s the risky thing when experimenting with love, you need to be aware of what you’re getting into.  Just like any other drug, there’s the low after the high.  When love is taken away, there is always a hangover.  The unfortunate thing about the low after love, is that you never know it’s coming, it’s not like you can drink a bunch of water right before you go to bed after getting dumped to lighten the pain you’ll feel the next morning.

So all you can do while experiencing a low is to just wait it out, and look forward to the next high, whenever, and where ever that may come.


One Response to All you need is love

  1. Terri says:

    This is pretty true. Never looked at it this way.

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