Major League Soccer

The Vancouver Whitecaps are joining Major League Soccer next season, and I am going to be there. Not only do I have my deposit down for season’s tickets, but I have also joined the Southsiders, who are the Whitecaps’ only supporter’s group.

Although the season doesn’t begin until March, I am very excited for this to get going. I think back to the games I went to see in Bremen, standing in the “Ostkurve” with all the fanatical supporters and how much fun that was. The sort of rush you get, when your team scores and you’re in the stadium with all the hardcore fans around you, is unrivaled.

I’ve found it difficult to follow soccer in Vancouver, especially since the current Whitecaps play in Burnaby. With the lack of media attention for, what is, close to a semi-pro league, travel out to Burnaby and not many friends who want to go out to games, it’s been tough trying to support the Caps’. That’s why I’m so happy that they’re moving into BC Place eventually and Empire Stadium to start with. It’s going to make things a heck of a lot simpler to get to, and having the Caps’ in the top level of soccer in North America is bound to garner them more media attention.

I’m also very excited for road trips to Seattle, for games against the Sounders, and to Portland, for games against the other 2011 MLS entry, the Timbers. Those are going to be a lot of fun.

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