I thought I’d share the following list of ideas for acquiring inexpensive textbooks that I was introduced to this time last year, since it was very helpful.

List of resources I used and/or recommend

Facebook Marketplace – great for local searches as it first displays results from your networks. Private message ensures privacy. Lots of haggling room available. Be sure to ask for notes for free.

Save on Book – UBC student’s “secret” tool. Pretty convenient since most people have their cellphone numbers on there. Another local resource and notes are usually thrown in. Lots of texts available!

Craigslist – The somewhat “sketchy” corner of the internet… the search is a bit more difficult as a lot of SFU and BCIT books are mixed in.

Bookfinder – This gives you a rough idea of how much the books are being sold online. Just enter the ISBN numbers and it’ll search the corners of the internet for you

Amazon – A bit pricy than the local alternatives ($2 book, $15 shipping, grr!), but they usually have the right editions here. Used books option also available.

Bookmeat – Very minimalistic and organized website, no search option but browsing through courses is easy. Not TOO comprehensive. People who want to sell it go there and list their asking price, save % (GREAT feature), book condition, and contact info.

UBC AMS Sub – “In the basement there is a massive wall filled with for sale textbooks!”

Bigwords – “Bigwords compares all the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbook deals on the planet”

Bookrenter: Students on average save more than $500 a year when they rent their college textbooks from bookrenter.com. Bookrenter.com is easy to use with free shipping both ways and over 3 million books to choose from.

Friends/Family/Coworkers – seriously, ask EVERYONE if they have taken/know someone who have taken the courses you have. Turns out one of my coworkers had a few Econ books to give away from his BCIT days!

The original list is courtesy of Phoebe Yu, and I thank her for this! I’ve personally used Facebook, Save on Book, Craigslist, and Bigwords to great results. I apologise if this post has brought on emotions to the realisation that summer is coming to an end, I too feel the pain.

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