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I have been on Twitter for close to two years now, and oddly enough, I have won a boatload of stuff off it, something I never would have expected when I signed up, mainly because I didn’t know that sort of thing went on, and as I rarely win anything, but that’s changed!

Most recently I won a Batavus bicycle from Hot Deals Donovan who runs the Vancouver branch of and from Rain City Bikes (website here).

Here’s a picture of my lovely new cycle:

This was an especially nice prize to win as my bike was stolen a few years ago and I haven’t had one since.

Other prizes I’ve won on twitter have included, a Ukelele from Tim Tamashiro, weekend host of Tonic on CBC Radio 2 (it’s still on its way, but I’ll have a photo up once I get it!), I also won tickets to a Canucks open practice, which I gave to my friend Steph, who is a big Canucks fan, and all-round awesome person. Shortly after the Canucks tickets, I won tickets to see Alice In Chains from Live Nation, which I also subsequently gave to my friend, Klayton, who is a big fan of them and I knew would have loved to seen them.

In the past I had won premiere tickets to Terminator 4 and The Hangover from the Warner Brothers’ Rep in Vancouver, although it seems like they expect you to do more work for tickets nowadays. I also got a prize pack from Granville Island Brewing as mentioned in my previous post.

Those of you reading this likely already have twitter, but if you don’t, it’s worth signing up for, if just for the prizes!

You can follow me here, and you can follow posts from Through My RayBans here.

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