Hey, you!

So I was thinking the other night about who visits my blog.  I have no idea who checks this, apart from a few people, but I hadn’t really thought too much about it until the other day when I checked my stats, which shows me how many people are viewing my blog and, if they clicked a link to my blog, it shows me where they came from.

I was a little puzzled to see that one of my referrers was a Facebook profile from someone I don’t know in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, a town that I’ll honestly say, I have never heard of.  Upon further research, Weyburn is about ninety minutes outside of Regina, but still, I know no one even remotely close to there.

The mystery continues.


Good outweighs the bad

I’ve been pretty tired over the last while and have been taking advantage of being out of school to sleep in more than I usually do.  It has been nice, but today I was going to meet an old friend for lunch and woke up much too late.  Once I woke up, I received a letter in the mail with an unexpected, and rather large bill; not a good way to start my day.

I was finally on the road and met up with my friend for lunch, 90 minutes after we had originally planned.  Once we met up we grabbed some sushi.  I don’t get to see my friend all that often due to our conflicting schedules and her working so much, so it’s nice when we both have some time to be able to spend together.

After lunch, I trekked over to my brother’s to study for a while for my third final exam tomorrow.  I got some work done, but got distracted by an email I received.  The email was from BC Soccer, and it informed me that I got an appointment to do a provincial cup game this weekend.  I have been a soccer referee for ten years and I have always wanted to climb the ranks among referees in the province and have only recently made a strong push to advance.  I am really looking forward to the game with excitement and nerves as I am a little worried of making a mistake on such an occasion.

A little later I got a call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and we ended up hanging out with some other friends which saw a late afternoon turn into a really nice night full of bubble tea and Frisbees.  All around it was a pretty great day, but it’s slowly turning sour again with the thought of that bill.

My first album

I’ve seen two of my friends do this album artwork thing, and I’m putting off doing homework so I thought I’d try one for myself.  I think my band sounds like we’d play death metal.


Automatic doors

At my school, just about every entrance/exit door has an automatic opening button.  Normally when I come to a door with a button as such, I just open it as normal, but most of the doors at my school are quite heavy due to the fact they have these big motors attached to the top of them, so on occasion I will use the button and have the door opened for me like I am someone important.

There is one door however, that made me look like a fool today.  Most of the doors are fairly fast at opening, and the door in question has, in the past, opened quickly for me, not today though.  Last week I remember seeing someone working on the motor for the automatic function and he must have changed something because when I went to use it today, I looked like an idiot standing, for what seemed a good five seconds, in-front of this door, just waiting for it to open.  I’m glad there was no one around because I can only imagine what people would have thought “What a lazy jerk, he could have easily opened it himself, instead he needs to waste energy to have it opened for him.”

That could have happened, or it could have escaped any witness as just something in their day, like it did for me.


So I’ve decided to start blogging again.  I had one when I was living in Alberta, but as not much happened there I didn’t use it much, and as more seems to be happening in my life nowadays, I thought I’d start one up again.  I’ve also enjoyed reading my friend’s blog recently and got a little jealous about not having one of my own.

The name of my blog comes from the glasses I normally wear.


They are the best conversation starters I know of.

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