Dance, Dance, Dance

A couple of days ago, I downloaded the Pitchfork Top 100 tracks of 2008 and I’ve fallen in love with Lykke Li‘s Dance, Dance, Dance. I really like how calming the song is and although I wouldn’t really classify this as music I’d normally dance to, I find it a little hypnotic and it makes me move just a little bit. It makes me really happy too, especially on such a beautiful summer day.

Grouse Grind

Today I did the Grouse Grind for the first time, and had a fairly respectable time, so I’m told, 1:06h.  I have heard of the grind being exactly as it’s called, a grind on your muscles and really hard; I’m writing this 9 hours after completing it, and thankfully my muscles are not aching yet, tomorrow morning may be a different story.

The view from the top of Grouse is really nice:

Top of Grouse

…but the trail itself isn’t much to write home about, with few openings you don’t see much more than trees and rocks.  Although the scenery isn’t great, the workout is amazing.  I did it with some friends who stayed with me part of the way, which was nice, but I think it’s a trail best done solo, with just you and your iPod to keep you going.  The trail is pretty narrow and doesn’t really lend itself to conversations.

With that in mind, today has made me want to do some more hiking, maybe not as extreme as the grind, but just to break away from the norm of getting my exercise from playing soccer twice a week, which is getting a bit repetitive.  I feel a bit guilty some times for living so close to so many outdoor activity possibilities and never really taking advantage of them.

Let me know of any good trails you know!


My brother plays on a Slo-Pitch team, and last night I went out to watch his game.  I used to play baseball when I was growing up but I stopped after grade seven, probably because I wasn’t very good, but also I preferred playing soccer.

I umpired baseball for a few years after I stopped playing, but this became quite boring as watching baseball, standing for the entire game, without beer or all the snacks that go along with baseball, isn’t really baseball at all, it’s work.

Last night was really fun though, because it had all those elements that distance it from work, the beer, the snacks, but what I found to be the single thing that makes baseball most enjoyable, the company.  Baseball, much more that other sports, is very social and laid back, it makes it so much better when you’re watching with people you enjoy being with, the heckling, the spitz and the beer just add to the fun.

All you need is love

I was watching a show earlier, and one of the stories featured was about a 15 year-old that never wanted to fall in love.  His belief is that love makes us do stupid things and changes the basic way that we act.  “It’s like a drug” he said, just because your friend is doing it doesn’t mean you need to try it too.

I thought that was a pretty good analogy of love, it is a drug, however once you have a taste, you’re hooked.  It doesn’t always come in great doses and sometimes it doesn’t even need to be the real thing to get you high.  Highs can last any length of time and that’s the risky thing when experimenting with love, you need to be aware of what you’re getting into.  Just like any other drug, there’s the low after the high.  When love is taken away, there is always a hangover.  The unfortunate thing about the low after love, is that you never know it’s coming, it’s not like you can drink a bunch of water right before you go to bed after getting dumped to lighten the pain you’ll feel the next morning.

So all you can do while experiencing a low is to just wait it out, and look forward to the next high, whenever, and where ever that may come.

This American Life: Live!

Tonight, I finally got to see the live episode of the NPR radio show This American Life. And although the show was pricey, it was well worth it.


I was first introduced, and ultimately hooked to the show a couple of months ago, by my friend, Anna. It ranks up there for me with The Vinyl Cafe and WireTap as some of my favorite listenings.

I always find it weird to see radio personalities in the flesh when all you know them by is their voice. You create an image of them in your head and it takes a while once you see them talking to break that. I remember the first time this happened to me is when I first saw a picture of Rick Cluff, the host of CBC’s “The Early Edition”, which was played each morning in my kitchen before school. The sensation is sort of like finding out something about someone that you have a bond with, something that changes the way you think about them, nothing so heavy that you don’t like them anymore, but something, just enough to maybe alter your relationship a bit.

Here’s a clip from the show, a little cartoon that featured: Quimby The Mouse

UEFA Pokal

Those of you who know me well, will know that my first love is soccer, and my mistress is a team called Werder Bremen, from the German city of Bremen, of course! I lived in Bremen for three months when I was 16 years old while on an exchange program, and fell in love with the team, mainly because it was the popular thing to do, but also because they were a decent team. They weren’t, and aren’t the best team in Germany by any means, but at least they’ve finished in a respectable position for the last couple of seasons, however this season is not the same story. Werder have been sub-par in the league, but oddly enough they have performed above average in the German Cup (Deutsche Pokal, a commercial that I star in available here) and in the UEFA Cup (the second tier European Club Championship).

Werder have, beyond all likelihood, made the final of both tournaments, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only have we made the final of both tournaments, but we did so at the expense of our biggest rivals, Hamburger SV. I wasn’t able to watch all of the game today, but nevertheless I got the result and that’s all that matters! The final of the UEFA Cup is on May 20th in Istanbul. Obviously I will not be traveling to watch the game, but I will be watching it here, so for anyone that wants to watch an overly enthusiastic fan either celebrate beyond belief or cry, inconsolably, into his beer, let me know.

Here are a few pictures from today’s win to show you the sort of passion I feel.






Hey, you!

So I was thinking the other night about who visits my blog.  I have no idea who checks this, apart from a few people, but I hadn’t really thought too much about it until the other day when I checked my stats, which shows me how many people are viewing my blog and, if they clicked a link to my blog, it shows me where they came from.

I was a little puzzled to see that one of my referrers was a Facebook profile from someone I don’t know in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, a town that I’ll honestly say, I have never heard of.  Upon further research, Weyburn is about ninety minutes outside of Regina, but still, I know no one even remotely close to there.

The mystery continues.


Last night was a night I had been looking forward to for some time. Last night I got to go see another one of my favorite musical acts: Yann Tiersen.

For those of you who may not know of him, he composed and performed the soundtracks to Amélie and Good Bye Lenin! Both of those soundtracks were heavy on piano, and the Amélie soundtrack used a lot of violin and accordion. So I was a little upset when he didn’t play anything remotely close to what made me go see him in the first place. To be fair, there was one violin solo that he played, and that was pretty good.

The highlight of the show for me was watching the bassist, who appeared to be in need of an exorcism, really get into one song and in the process, knock over his microphone. The ensuing attempt by the stage hand to put the mic back up was pretty funny, with the bassist nearly body checking the stage hand into the crowd.

The show, overall was alright, but I was just disappointed that he didn’t play anything that made want to go see him in the first place. Here’s a clip anyway.

Trust Me

One of my favorite music acts is the British rap singer Mike Skinner aka The Streets.  I have been following Mike on Twitter for a while now, and last week he posted three free tracks. My favorite has been Trust Me (Free download here).

Good outweighs the bad

I’ve been pretty tired over the last while and have been taking advantage of being out of school to sleep in more than I usually do.  It has been nice, but today I was going to meet an old friend for lunch and woke up much too late.  Once I woke up, I received a letter in the mail with an unexpected, and rather large bill; not a good way to start my day.

I was finally on the road and met up with my friend for lunch, 90 minutes after we had originally planned.  Once we met up we grabbed some sushi.  I don’t get to see my friend all that often due to our conflicting schedules and her working so much, so it’s nice when we both have some time to be able to spend together.

After lunch, I trekked over to my brother’s to study for a while for my third final exam tomorrow.  I got some work done, but got distracted by an email I received.  The email was from BC Soccer, and it informed me that I got an appointment to do a provincial cup game this weekend.  I have been a soccer referee for ten years and I have always wanted to climb the ranks among referees in the province and have only recently made a strong push to advance.  I am really looking forward to the game with excitement and nerves as I am a little worried of making a mistake on such an occasion.

A little later I got a call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and we ended up hanging out with some other friends which saw a late afternoon turn into a really nice night full of bubble tea and Frisbees.  All around it was a pretty great day, but it’s slowly turning sour again with the thought of that bill.

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